Serve at Paragon Church

Whether you like to work with kids or clean up their messes well after they are gone, we have a place for you to serve at Paragon Church. From kids, to youth, to adults - from sound, to worship, to teaching, to cleaning - from evangelism, to discipleship, to missions, to prayer, to connection - we would love to get you plugged into an area where God can use your gifts to glorify Himself and build up His kingdom.

Scroll down to see some areas where you can serve!

Found an area you want to be a part of? Click here to contact us and let us know!

  • ParagonKidz- Child Wrangler

    Do you enjoy herding cats, keeping kids on task and being admired?  We need people who love kids to sit with them and encourage them throughout the 90 minutes they’re in our care.  Teenagers are especially sought after as the younger kids think you’re the cat’s meow (ask your mom what that means).  Those of us who have graduated high school are too old to still have that level of coolness.

    Commitment level: Monthly or quarterly

  • ParagonKidz- Chow Supplier

    Do you have room in your budget to order pizza for 20 kids?  Do you grill a mean burger?  Are you an expert slow cooker?  If you would like to provide food for Paragon Kids, we would be incredibly grateful.  You don’t even have to see the children, but you would be a huge blessing to them.

    Commitment level: Once

  • Worship Team

    Can you sing or play an instrument? Do you have a passion for leading others in worship? Consider joining our worship team. We need people for each of our three weekend services.

    Commitment level: Once or twice a month.

  • Small Groups- Home Ambassador

    Do you love to have people in your home?  Do you enjoy getting to know others and helping people feel like part of a group?  We are seeking hosts and leaders to facilitate Connection groups this fall. 

    Commitment level: One Semester

  • Security Team - Watchdogs

    It has been said that there are three types of people in the world... the sheep, the wolves, and the watchdogs.  If you fall in the last category, would you consider being a part of our security team that keeps an eye on things during services and special events?

    Commitment level: Once a month or more.

  • ParagonKidz- Child Enthusiast

    Do you like children?  Can you welcome them and make them feel at home?  Do you care about what’s going on at home and in their lives?  ParagonKids needs enthusiastic people to connect with the kids and help them to know that we and God care about them.  Liking to connect with the parents, also, is a plus. 

    Commitment level: Monthly or quarterly.

  • Audio/Video Team

    Have an ear for mixing instruments? Can you keep up with music slides and push buttons? Our audio/video team works with the worship team to prepare for and serve at all three of our weekend services.

    Commitment level: Once a month

  • Paragon Youth- Ministry of Presence

    Teens need people in their lives who they can trust. People who care about them and support them. It may not seem like much, but hanging out with our teens is a big deal. Get to know our students at Wednesday night youth group or Sunday afternoon discipleship group.

    Commitment level: Weekly

  • Pre-K Accomplice

    Uncomfortable teaching, but love to hang out with cute little people?  Can you hand out glue sticks or help cut paper?  Helping out a teacher during the service would certainly bless a PreK teacher. 

    Commitment level: One service a month

  • Baby Bouncer

    The Nursery is looking for caring individuals who are willing to serve once a month and care for the little ones of Paragon while parents worship. Please contact Bianca or Miriam if interested. 

    Commitment level: One service a month.

  • Hospitality and Greeters

    It can be nerve wracking to visit a church for the first time. It makes a big difference when there's a friendly face to welcome you and snacks and coffee to help make you feel at home. Help us greet people and prepare coffee and snacks for services.

    Commitment level: Once a month